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2024 CIT Training Dates (PDF, 119 KB)

Authorization Manual - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

CIT Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF, 169 KB)


Centralized Intern Training and Authorization

Centralized Intern Training (CIT)

Centralized Intern Training (CIT) is the first step in becoming authorized to perform environmental health inspections for the state. No one can move on to specific authorization training who hasn’t completed CIT. See the Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF, 169 KB) for more information.

CIT Training Tracks

There is a General CIT Module and there are two Tracks, Food Protection and Facilities and On-Site Wastewater. All interns are required to complete the General CIT Module and one of the training tracks. The curriculum for each track includes distance learning and classroom components. Each curriculum is listed on the Distance Learning page with links to required distance learning materials.

Please review the distance learning materials for the training track you will be attending prior to the first day of class.

CIT Track Testing - Pre and Post

Both tracks have pre and post-tests with minimum scoring requirements. The pre-tests are based on the distance learning materials you are required to review before attending class. You must score at least 70 percent on the pre-test to continue with classroom training and 80 percent on the post-test to continue with specific authorization area training. Both tests are closed-book/closed-note.

Quick Links to Resources

Registration for CIT

Reminder: After you register and before you attend class, you must review the distance learning materials for the track you will be attending. There is an on-line pre-test on the materials before the first day of training.

Mission of Centralized Intern Training

The mission of Centralized Intern Training (CIT) is to support the goals of the Environmental Health Section, to protect the health of the public, and to preserve the environment by providing:

  • Training based on scientific knowledge of public and environmental health principles and regulations.
  • Competency-based instruction leading to authorization to serve as an agent of the state.
  • Training to promote consistent rule interpretation and enforcement.
  • Skills for improving public education and communication.
  • Orientation to people and program resources to improve camaraderie and professionalism.


Authorization Manual (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) will answer most of your questions, but some key points are provided below for quick reference.

  1. Which CIT courses must I take as an intern? All interns MUST complete General Module and either OSWP and/or FPF Modules, depending on their specific authorization. 
  2. How long do classes last on a given day? Generally, classes last from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily, except Fridays, when dismissal occurs around 3:00 PM. 
  3. How long does each track last? General Module lasts one week, OSWP lasts two weeks, FPF lasts 1 and 1/2 weeks.
  4. What should I bring to prepare for class? This is detailed in the manual with specific equipment for each track.
  5. Will I be tested on the materials? Yes, you are required to pass two exams during the training for each track. There are pre and post-CIT exams for each track. Both are closed book/closed note.
  6. What does the pre-CIT exam cover? The pre-CIT exam is administered on the first day of class. The pre-CIT exam covers the distance learning materials for the track that you are required to review before arriving in class. You must score at least a 70 on the pre-CIT exam.
  7. When is the post CIT exam given and what does it cover? The post-CIT exam is administered on the last day of each track. It is closed book, covering all/any of the materials presented in class, and you must score at least 80 percent. If not, there will be one opportunity to retake at a time agreed upon by the intern's supervisor and CIT staff. If another non-passing grade is received the intern must re-take the entire track.

Centralized Intern Training (CIT) Information